Put Your Money Where Your Heart Is — But Only For The Right Price

I was not at ALL interested in investing until I realized that my money is a vote, and it’s a vote that matters. Making the decision to invest in a particular company is just like making the decision to buy fair trade coffee or moisturizer that was not tested on animals: I could choose where to vote my money on a much larger scale.

The choice is entirely in my hands: I can either vote for something I support or something I don’t. Obviously, now that I’m aware of it, I want to support something that I believe in and want to grow in the world. But the key is that I have to do so at the right price. Otherwise, it’s just a donation.

When I talk about value investing the Warren Buffett way, I am not only talking about buying a wonderful company that is aligned with my core values. I am also referring to waiting for a company to drop to an on-sale price. I’ll give you a hint: It is EXACTLY like when your favorite dress goes on sale.

In this video, I explain exactly what “value investing” is, and how super simple it is.

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