Mostly Invested:
Create A Joyful Investing Practice

There are two kinds of people in the world: those who are naturally interested in financial markets and money, and those who are not.

I am one of the ones who is not.

Yet, I have created a joyful practice and live a more authentic life from voting powerfully with my money and value investing in the financial markets.

Investing is something we all know we should think about, but generally don't. For those of us who aren't drawn to money stuff, I've found another way to handle it that has mindfully, effectively, and efficiently connected me to the power of my money. Investing has become a joy for me.

It was a huge step to go from starting to think about my money to actually doing something about it. We ALL need a guide when we’re first starting. As I developed my practice, I learned that we non-numbers people are actually really good at learning investing – we just don't know it because the financial world is set up for the people who are naturally interested in financial markets and money. We've been left out in the cold.

My practice of learning value investing is about connecting deeply to my world and putting my investing money where my values are, in the same way I do with my consumer money. I have become happier, healthier, more secure, and more connected to myself – with wealth only as a natural byproduct, not the goal.

I never thought anything to do with money or finance could make me a more whole person, but it did. This course will guide you into that. It's not about the money. It's about being happier. Missing the connection between investing and happiness is what kept me from investing for most of my life, and it’s probably what’s holding you back, even in ways you may not even yet relate to.

In this course, I will personally guide you through seven weeks of creating your own Investing Practice so that it becomes a wonderful way to live a more authentic life. There are great guides out there to get the technical competence (like my dad!), and we’ll talk about them, but before we get there, we need the desire and the structure to get over the hump of not wanting to touch money stuff.

That's what this course will do. It will provide accountability to take steps towards understanding yourself better, connecting to your values more, and developing the awareness and self-mastery to shift money stuff from negative to incredibly fun.

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