Ask Yourself These 6 Questions Before Creating Your Investing Space

Aaahhh, my Investing Office. A wonderful part of beginning my practice was choosing what objects I wanted around me when I was struggling with learning and feeling desperately, horribly, yuckily Consciously Incompetent. The worst.

Taking my things out of their box and putting them around me feels like creating such a safe space now, but choosing what to include took some trial and error.

The process of it gave me the external space to feel happy about my Investing Practice, AND, even more importantly, it gave me something that I could do to BEGIN. The beginning is such a big hump to get over, it's #2 on my Hump List.

So here's what I recommend asking yourself:

  1. What comforts me?
  2. What books have transformed me? It could be fiction or non-fiction, have something to do with investing or nothing, it doesn't matter as long as Invested is one of them (kidding! sort of!).
  3. What people remind me that this is an important step in my life?
  4. What values do I want to remind myself of as I'm reviewing companies?
  5. What do I need to be physically comfortable while practicing investing?
  6. What practical items need to be at my fingertips so I'm not distracted looking for them?

When I started learning to invest my condo in Boulder, I had a plastic bin that everything went into. Then, for our first anniversary, Nuno gave me a lovely monogrammed box for my Zurich Investing Office. Upgrade! Still not my own personal library with a portrait of Uncle Charlie on the wall YET, but step-by-step, I'm getting there.

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