What’s Your Number? Calculator

Not sure how much money you need for financial freedom?

This calculator can help you determine how much money you need in order to no longer be dependent on an outside source of income – whether that's “retirement” or simply making your own choices about what to do with your time – and the extraordinary power of compounding.

Note that the 26% calculation in Chapter 2 of Invested is actually 9.[__] years. We rounded down in the book. It's worth checking out the different results with this calculator when you put in (a) 9 years to retirement, and then (b) 10 years to retirement: it's the difference between running out of money quickly or having billions. HOW does that happen? It's due to the tipping point between the money you're accumulating becoming more than what you spend. That's a life-changing tipping point, and one that's worth noting. Imagine how much faster you could get to financial freedom if you put in a little more money each year, and look at the actual results below – the billions get bigger really quickly. I hope you enjoy playing with this calculator to see how compounding really works.

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