Fireside Chat:
Getting Over the Hump

You’ve probably finished reading Invested and thought, OK, what do I do now? I’m with you – I had no clue how to really sit down and begin. Don’t worry, I’ve got you.

Let’s have a live Fireside Chat. Just like I had with my dad. This is a venue in which I will tell you what worked for me, and you can ask silly questions, stupid questions, embarrassing questions, fantastic questions – everything you want with no expectations of knowledge at all. I will help you get over the hump of not knowing how to begin, feeling a little freaked out, and wondering how exactly this whole investing thing works. We ALL need a guide when we’re first starting.

In this Fireside Chat, I will personally guide you through creating your own Investing Practice so that it becomes a wonderful addition to your life. There are great guides out there to get the technical competence (like my dad!), and we’ll talk about them, but there’s almost nothing out there about emotional competence. Emotional competence is what kept me from investing for most of my life, and it’s probably what’s holding you back, even in ways you may not even yet relate to everything in the Humps, below, but as we go on our journey together, you will understand why they are each so important.

And, because my book just came out and I’m so excited to meet and speak directly to you, I’m going to be giving this Fireside Chat in a limited edition LIVE.

Yup, I’ll be on with you over live video to talk directly to you, and have time to answer some questions. In the future it will be taped, so this one is going to be special. And if you can’t make the live sessions, don’t worry, you can watch the videos and email your questions in. Each Fireside Chat will be 45 minutes-ish (we’ll go longer or shorter depending on questions).

Reserve your spot for the next live course!

We will go into my Hump List:



You start where you are. You know a LOT already. Let’s talk about how uncomfortable I was when I started, how I got into investing, and how and why to think of investing as a practice.



Setting up your internal and external space for your Investing Practice is vital for your ease and support when things get tough. Let’s talk specifics about how to choose what serves you so that, when you get busy, your practice is still there as a joyful part of your life.



We all have an experience with money as a child, regardless of how we grew up. It means getting into money stuff can be painful, confusing, scary, or just plain blank. Why does money feel so personal? In many very real ways, it tells us our worth. Let’s talk about the reality of our feelings around, and history with, money, and why that old stuff can keep us from jumping into financial freedom.



Our fear and other feelings will help us in our Investing Practices, not hinder us. Let’s talk about the special qualities we each have – like the ability to be patient – that will actually be incredible assets when taking action in the market, and which fund managers do not have the luxury of using.



Cut yourself a break. You’ll buy things at the wrong time, you’ll choose the wrong company, you’ll waste time on a dead end. Don’t be afraid of making a mistake. Let’s talk about why mistakes don’t mean you’ll lose money and how these experiences are vital for your strong Investing Practice going forward.